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G.M.of China Kaisendo


Xinwei Gao
G.M.&Representitive of International Federation Kaisendo.

Black Belt 4th Dan.

Founder of Flash Tiger Sports Education
Master Degree from NPU of U.S.A.
AFAA authorized Youth Fitness Instructor
Member of West Coast Martial Art Association
Member of Pacific Aikido Organization
Member of Bujinkan Ninjutsu
Member of Toast Masters international
33th Disciple of Shao Lin Temple. 
Chief Editor of 《Karate Textbook》and 《Senior Level Philosophy Textbook》






【Related Experience】:
1996-2003. He graduated from Henan University and Finance and Economics, Bachelor Degree of International Economics. 
1996-1998. He learnt Chinese martial arts in Shao Lin temple in his spare time.
1998. He followed China 1st Full Contact Karate Master- Jun Chen, who came from Japan and learnt Karate from him. He was the first generation of Full Contact Karate Students of Chiina.
2002. He got Black 1st Dan.
2001-until now. He has taught karate and engaged in courses development for 15 years.
2005. He got black belt 2nd Dan.
2009,May. He went to Northwestern Polytechnic University in California of American to study MBA.
2009-2010. He studied American Karate in Ernie Reyes West Coast World Martial Arts Association of USA.
2009-2010. He studied Aikido in Pacific Aikido Organization in USA.
2010. He joined U.S.A. Toastmasters International Organization. Join many activities of Public Speaking.
2010. He studies Speech,Presentation&Leadership Course, and found Youth Leadership Education Course when he came back from USA.

2011.He came back from USA, and openned MAX Interntionl Studio to teach: Karate, Public Speaking course.
2011. He got Black Belt 3rd Dan and specialize in Karate and Physical Education for Kids/Teens/Adults. And name this system as American Karate to differ from China Local Karate Training System.

2011-2016. He was the General Instructor of Shanghai YK Pao School and Huayu Middle School.
2015-2016. He was the General Instructor of Shanghai Huayu Middle School.

(Photo with Soke Juan Diaz. in 2016.)

2011年-2015. He edited 《American Karate Textbook 》1st- 5th Edition.
2016年. the 5th Edition《American Karate Textbook 》got copyright Certificate and protected by National Copyright Administration.
2015-2016. He edited and published
《Senior Level Philosophy Textbook》
2014 until now, he have been studying《Tao De Ching》,《Art of War》,《
The Analects of Confucius》,《Disciple Gauge》,《the Book of Changes》,《the Book of 5 Rings》and《Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor》,and use them into the Karate Eucation System.
2014 until now, he has been leraning Ninjutsu in Bujinkan China Dojo , followed Master Caesar Martinez.
May 27th, 2015. He went to Putuo Island in Zhoushan City,Zhejiang Province to study
Buddhism and became the  disciple of Master Yunkong in Puji Temple. 
July 15th, 2015. He went to Shaolin Temple and Songyang Academy to study Shaolin Culture and Zen.

July 22nd ,2015. He became to disciple of Master Peng Chen, who is China Shao Lin Temple 32th Generation Descendant of Culture, the president of Song Yang Academy. His Dhamma Name:Yong Can, whic mean to learn Zen forever.
June 18th, 2016. 3 of His students were interviewed by National Report of Xinhua Media. His American Karate and Physical Education system was paid attention by the society.
June of 2016. His American Sports Education System was liked by Shanghai Dazhuo Investment Ltd , who will invest and develop new brand for this education program.  

June 26th, 2016. He was certified by I.F.S.C and got black belt 4th dan.

June 26th, 2016. He became the China Representative of I.F.S.C Kaisendo.

His Students won a lot of 1st,2nd,3rd places every years in China, International competitions: