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Grandmaster Juan Jose Diaz


10th Dan  Karate Jutsu
10th Dan Ju Jitsu
9th  Dan Taiho Jutsu
9th  Dan Bu Jutsu


The Great Teacher Juan Jose Diaz of Spanish nationality Is licensed in Sciences of the Physical education and Deporte, with more than 50 years of uninterrupted practice in the field of the Martial Arts and systems of self-defense and self-defense in his different areas, as well as adviser and professor of Police Self-defense, in the Municipal Police of the City council of Madrid. At the moment he is the Founding President and of the Federation the International of Sports battle and Integral Self-defense and police KAISENDO.

President of Confederation Euroamericana de Karate and Artes Marciales Afines (CEKAMA)


The Great Teacher for being a man of example in the personnel and the pioneering, innovating and futurist professional as much in his Spain country as in the outside, in teaching of the martial arts, the self-defense and self-defense in all his areas has received through the International School of Martial Arts (ISMA) [[el]] Hall of Fame of the Martial Arts it is recognized and registered in the gold book by its long and fruitful trajectory as martial professor of sport battle, arts and Self-defense in all its areas, being also recognized world-wide his Spanish system of Integral Self-defense and Police KAISENDO (SIAK).

The Founding Teacher Juan J.Díaz is:

10º Dan Karate Goju Ryu Nibukai
10º Dan Jiu Jitsu by the World Butokukai Institute, recognized by (AJJIF), All Japan Jiu Jitsu International Federaction.
10º Dan de Karate Jutsu
10º Dan Dai Soke (World Sijo DaiSoke Renmei)
8º Dan de Karatedo, validated by Budokai the Federation International
9º Dan Tai-Ho-Jutsu.
9º Dan Yawara Ryu Aiki Jiu Jitsu (Menkyo Kaiden Hanshi
9º Dan Dai Soke Hanshi (World Ju Jitsu/Aiki Bujutsu Federation
9º Dan of BU-JUTSU by association Française de Bu Jutsu and Bourdon
5º Dan of KIP KE HSIAO (Cuban Association of ke Hsiao-File Lama Chijiuheping)



Adviser and Professor Nacional de Judo and Karate.

Adviser and Professor the International of Self-defense and Self-defense in all its areas.

Professor authorized and recognized by the Main directorate of the Police with SUPERIOR TECHNICAL Nº2076- IN TACTICS AND POLICE DEFENSIVE TECHNIQUES, recognized by the Ministry of Work in France, Nº 11753859075

WORLD-WIDE DIRECTOR & INSTRUCTIONAL HEAD OF the ACADEMY OF POLICE TACTICAL OPERATIONS (O.T.P.) OF VENEZUELA Recognized and legalized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Deportes of Venezuela with No P.R. 01941504.

The Teacher Ju
an Diaz is author and writer of books and articles. The creation of his first books was inspired by that passion to the martial arts that they delegated in his teachers and that took it to transmit all that knowledge to the fundamental pillars of a society (the children and children) and for that reason wrote first books in Spain on the Martial arts for children who have been recognized by federations of the Judo and the Karate which are nowadays fundamental pillars of study in the science of this discipline:

At the present time the SOKE Juan J. Diaz is dedicated to the advising and qualification of professionals in all the areas of the self-defense, in the martial discipline and the sports battle at international level through their courses, seminaries and conferences, besides to direct and to supervise the different organizations who have founded and to that she belongs. Also one dedicates to the promotion and diffusion of its system through articles, books and in different social mass media.



More information of Soke is in : http://www.kaisendo.org/certificados-y-diplomas






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