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To speak about the previous history, which are relatively recent (1997), it is necessary to go back up to the 80s when, in Cuba, was practiced a similar system, called operational karate, the style Yoshimon and, in Spain, in the same 80s, was introduced a karate in the lineage of Ashihara, supervised by Sensei Romero Cortina, of Which Master Diaz had the pleasure to training of this art: although in 1969 the karate which I practised was a karate-Jutsu, centered in the Self defense, into which I introduced techniques of Judo, Jujitsu, later and supervised by the Master of Akido Tomas Sanchez, the follower of Master Tamura, I played into the way of Aikido to perfect all these techniques where controls to the joints, are so important, and from there introduced Kaisendo as martial art. System in Cuba named Yoshimon Karate, who leaned fundamentally on the domain of the Judo and Ju-jutsu, while KAISENDO based itself in 80% on the way of the Karate Jutsu, Ashihara System, resolving the final with techniques of Ju-Jitsu or the Aikijutsu, for the policial techniques. Kaisendo is a System of Martial Art, which combine in a systematic and educational way techniques the most suited by martial arts such Karate by its techniques of attacks of feet, hands, fists and knees, Judo by the techniques of throws, and immobilization, also Jiu-Jitsu and Aikijutsu by the techniques of control levers, the points of pressure ( Kyushos) and the keys to the joints: and the other shape of fight, as the Boxing by the dodges, the circular attacks of fist,

Kickboxing, Kempojutsu, by the concept of the continuous fluid, its chains of techniques; and essentially to give a retort decisive and definite attack. The educational nature basses itself on the knowledge of techniques and principles of right, in a way that the follower of this art with a thinking, interiorized and create effective combinations (overalls) against an attack. So it avoids to the dutiful pupil to study hundred techniques against an attack determined to give an immediate retort.